Wireless Personal Security System for Resellers

Multitone Electronics, the supplier of wireless communication systems has launched EkoTek, an innovative personal security system. This wireless solution meets reseller requirements for easy installation, minimal support and high margins. It enables organisations to accurately locate staff and provide them with greater protection whilst, say Multitone, costing up to 40% less than traditional wired systems.

According to Ron Wray, Technical & Marketing Director at Multitone Electronics: “EkoTek is quick and easy to deploy complete personal security and messaging solution. We are looking to expand our network of resellers and installers by offering attractive margins with low investment costs.”

EkoTek automatically configures a backbone mesh wireless network that relays messages to and from a central hub within 2 seconds. Wireless repeaters provide beacon signals for accurate location of alarm signals in three dimensions giving coverage across and between floors of a building.

Uniquely, the repeaters require no mains power, reducing installation costs by eliminating the need to hardwire each unit giving greater flexibility when selecting mounting locations. Importantly, the repeaters meet all IEEE 802.15.4 standards.

Multitone provides users with either a two-way multifunctional messager or a compact call fob that can be hung around the neck, attached to a belt or carried in a pocket. Requests for assistance are quickly transmitted to a central control hub and include user name, location and alarm type. These details are immediately sent to two-way multifunctional messagers carried by other users, fixed display units or to an external messaging system. For reassurance, users receive audio and visual signals to confirm that alarms have been received and help is on the way.

The central control hub can be configured using a web browser and the webserver enables staff to be quickly located or access stored statistics and logs relating to network activity. EkoTek can also dial outside telephone numbers to raise the alarm with offsite personnel when staff may be working outside normal office hours.

Alerts can also be sent automatically from both the call fob and two-way messager. They allow functions such as ‘Man-Down’ that detects if the alarm unit is tilted due to the user falling down, or ‘Dead-Man’ that periodically alerts the user to press a button to confirm that all is well.

“EkoTek is the product that resellers have been waiting for,” continued Ron Wray. “It eliminates the need for complex radio surveys and is straightforward to deploy and expand in any environment with assured performance. The ‘self-configuring’ system allows for the replacement or repair of components without requiring pre-programming or expensive cabling.”

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