Worlds First Multi-Port, Integrated ADSL Bonding Appliance

Leeds based Xrio has announced it has expanded its Link Aggregation technologies with the new UBM 200i and UBM 400i unified bandwidth management appliances. A first in the market, both products represent an evolution of Xrio’s classic UBM 200 and UBM 400 appliances with the addition of integrated 2 port ADSL router/modem in the UBM 200i and 4 port ADSL modem in the UBM 400i supporting ADSL1, ADSL2, ADSL2+ and Annex M.

This leap in technology serves to contribute to power savings with integrated devices consuming less energy and reduce the amount of cabling and 3rd party devices required to traditionally perform link bonding and load balancing tasks. In addition with an integrated appliance, less administration is required and support overheads will be reduced as the need for 3rd party ADSL modems is negated.

Xrio say their ADSL Bonding and Load Balancing technologies are revolutionary in the market and will shape the way in which businesses deploy link aggregation devices in the future.

“The ever increasing demand for bandwidth coupled with the lack of contemporary telecoms infrastructure within the UK has left many IT executives with few alternatives to costly leased lines. In addition the drive for greener solutions, diminished service provision in rural areas and the global economic slow-down is putting pressure on organisations to source new technologies in an effort to improve efficiency and quality of service whilst reducing overheads.” said Danny Waite, CTO and head of Research and Development. “Integrated ADSL bonding and Link Aggregation solutions like Xrio’s UBM 400i provide an effective and efficient way to tackle the issues of stable optimised bandwidth provision whilst helping to reduce carbon emissions, costs and network complexity.”

The UBM 200i with all the routing capabilities of a 2 port standard router but with all the functionality of intelligent load balancing makes this entry level appliance an all in one solution for traffic management and failover.

The QoS enabled UBM 400i this 4 port appliance allows aggregation of up to 4 separate circuits using any technology and any ISP, allowing total freedom to optimise your bandwidth and reliability.

Deployment benefits of the new UBM 200i and UBM 400i solutions include:

Reduce Costs and Improve Resilience: By replacing costly leased lines with low cost UBM bonded DSL connections businesses can reduce their overheads and manage their traffic efficiently. Extended UBM functionality also provides improved connection reliability and resilience with its failover configuration, high availability, ISP independence and ability to bond multiple connection types including 21CN, 3G and WIMAX adding to the overall business continuity strategy.

Optimise and Scale Bandwidth Provision: UBM gives customers the ability to implement bandwidth management policies, enabling them to tailor and scale bandwidth usage and availability to meet business needs. The UBM range supports an unlimited number of users and between 2 and 64 links, offers the best-in-class scalability and performance and enables enterprise data centres to roll out next-generation network infrastructures.

“The UBMi range is an outstanding achievement by the Xrio team as we launch the worlds 1st multiport ADSL router and integrate it into our leading UBM range. This launch evidences Xrio’s commitment to continually provide customers with the market’s most advanced integrated bonding and link balancing appliance with all the functionalities to provide organisations with the necessary tools to optimise their network. For such an advanced and feature rich appliance the new UBMi has proven to remove the general complexities of installation thus ensuring quick and simple deployment, whilst also maintaining a flexible, adaptable, highly cost-efficient overall solution,” said Shelley Garbutt-Wilson, Director of Sales at Xrio.

” With over 18 months in development and a further 6 months in testing the UBMi is the next generation of network appliance, combining routing capabilities, link balancing, bonding, traffic prioritisation and QoS in one easy to use appliance. Many businesses will know our classic UBM range as it is an established well respected product deployed in the market today and it will remain well positioned in our portfolio, the launch of our UBMi range will only strengthen our position further in the market to become the brand of choice for link balancing and bonding appliances” She continues, “Xrio’s UBM 400i and Virtualised platform VBond provide an effective and efficient way to tackle the issues of stable bandwidth provision whilst helping to reduce carbon emissions, costs and network complexity.”

The UBM 200i and UBM 400i are expected to retail for £699 and £1199 respectively with the original UBM 200 and UBM 400 configurations being still available under the monika ‘Classic’ and reduced in price to £599 and £999.

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