Yahoo! research shows one in four Brits regularly ‘multi screen’

A major new piece of research commissioned by Yahoo!, called APPetite, has highlighted how UK consumers are interacting with numerous screens at any one point, with a quarter of mobile media users using mobile, TV and PC at the same time.

Altogether, 84% of users stated they simultaneously interacted with two screens on a regular basis. The research supports the view that brands wishing to engage with UK consumers need to consider all platforms to ensure awareness for their campaigns. The findings also highlighted the need for the mobile Internet experience to reflect that of a PC, in order for that experience to be considered useful.

With the recent popularity of mobile apps, interestingly, the research highlighted that although applications were driving usage and supported brand innovation, long term mobile engagement depended on optimised mobile Internet experiences. Furthermore, where the internet experience is poor, 44% of users blamed the brand, rather than the mobile network, stressing the need for brands who wish to engage with users online, to seriously consider the quality of their online presence on mobile.

Jon Mews, IAB head of mobile, said: “The role that mobile plays in consumers’ lives has evolved significantly over a number of years, but it’s only been in the last 12 months where we have truly seen a change in understanding and engagement. It’s now vital that companies deliver an engaging mobile experience, and that mobile advertising is an integral part of all campaigns.”

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