YES-wallet launches Pouch Mobile Wallet Services to drive penetration of mobile wallets with custome successfully launched Pouch, a free Mobile and web Wallet Service, that in the future will also support NFC (Near Field Communication) based payments. With 71% of people (Source: Survey by of 116 executives at Pouch Launch Event, October 2011) mentioning they are currently exploring, evaluating and considering the idea of implementing wallet services in the upcoming years, took this opportunity to introduce its new Pouch mobile application, now downloadable on all major smartphones, and to present very exciting findings collected through a Launch survey on mobile and e-wallet payments.

Following the successful Pouch wallet services Launch Event in London (UK) on October 11th 2011, received numerous requests for partnership in exciting new projects going live as early as the first Quarter of 2012. Based on this encouraging first feedback and on future promising developments, it is now clear that Pouch wallet services is all set to usher in a ‘new payments lifestyle’ using smartphones as a wallet. Securely storing credit/debit payment cards, payment receipts, loyalty and coupon information, Pouch enables customers to securely make payments through their smartphones for free. “Merchants perform millions of card transactions per week, and now their card paying customers can create free personal wallets to get instant benefits such as card payment e-receipts, e-coupons and location based services” explained Dr. Chandra Patni, Director of Dr. Chandra Patni further added that “Pouch supports storage of personal credit, debit and pre-paid (SVA) cards in the “My wallet” function which can be used to make payments at web, mobile and physical stores.”

Pouch supports roll-out of retail couponing, loyalty and location-based mobile advertising and marketing services, many of which will use NFC in the future. Standard Visa / MasterCard Payment applications are also supported via this wallet service.

Anyone can register and create his free personal wallet by clicking here. YES-wallet Pouch free Mobile App is already available for smartphones.

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E-Wallets and the ability to make payments on Mobile smartphones is set to be one of the most exciting innovations in the payments industry, transforming consumers life style. Services are arriving in UK and around the world. created a report to share the results of a survey on mobile and e-wallet payments conducted at the launch event in London, UK. This event was attended by specialists representing: mobile phone operators; Card issuers; Retailers; Payment Service Providers (PSP); Merchants; Software vendors and the media. This is a group who is interested in implementing and learning more on new e-wallet mobile services before and after the arrival of NFC capable mobile phones.

The audience generally agreed that the adoption of Mobile payments would grow significantly in the next four years with a turning point in 2013 where a higher number of people will use their mobiles to make payments with acceptance points becoming commonplace.

When asked what attendees considered to be the most important issue related to e-wallet adoption by consumers, 47% of people highlighted security issues as their main area of concern. Pouch wallet service provides consumer trust through safer card payments. Pouch enables consumers to create and pay with their wallets through participating merchant’s websites and to pay for in-store purchases by launching their Pouch mobile application, selecting the card they initially created in the wallet and holding the smartphone in front of the retailers’ POS. In its PCI-DSS (Level 1) certified data centers, Pouch converts the phone data back into card details before forwarding the card authorisation request to the merchant’s card Acquirer.

Interestingly, what is emerging from these findings is the attraction for customers and retailers of paying by credit and debit cards in a store using an e-wallet solution installed on an NFC enabled mobile smartphones. NFC phones will over the next few years be out with secure elements, as well as the SIM, as options for loading secure payment applets. To begin with, Pouch running on an NFC phones will use a Point-to-Point encryption service using the phone secure element to securely transport the wallet login credentials together with the wallet holder chosen card payment method reference to the payment gateway which will then extract the card details to perform a magnetic card emulation authorisation with the card issuer.

However, it is largely agreed by the audience that this future trend will first be preceded with wider adoption of e-wallet services on e-commerce platforms. Concerning consumer behaviour and adoption, the majority consumers would most likely subscribe to solutions offered and branded by retailers but managed by a third party like

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