YOC and Mindshare are presenting cross-media research approach

YOC is presenting the results of a study on the effectiveness of mobile advertising carried out in collaboration with Mindshare. The study came up with a clear result: There is a significant increase in advertising perception, brand image and consumer acceptance when “mobile” is integrated into the media mix. This novel research approach is the first to make a cross-media comparison.

Mobile internet usage has been growing at a phenomenal rate for years. Target groups are spending more and more time surfing the mobile web due to more advanced handsets and innovations such tablet PCs, data flat rates and faster mobile broadband services. So it does not come as a surprise that advertisers are investing more and more in that channel.

These are the first studies to specifically look into the effectiveness of mobile campaigns compared to well-established advertising channels. The result is clear: Mobile advertising works. In contrast to previous reports on the effects of advertising, this latest study carried out by YOC and Mindshare opens up new avenues for research: A unique approach to cross-media comparisons provides new insights to more efficient budget allocation in the future.

“For the first time, mobile was implemented in a cross-media research design: the innovative approach is successfully measuring the impact of mobile advertising“ says Dr Martin Apeler, Senior Consulting Business Planning / ATG, Mindshare.

The results regarding the indicators examined in the study – ad recognition, brand image and consumer acceptance – show that investing advertising budget into “mobile” pays off. More than 300 people participated in the study, answering questions about the campaign on their mobile handsets. The results indicate how very successful the campaign was. It reached the target groups and was able to increase the recognition value of advertisements by more than 22%. There was also a positive impact on the brand image: Significant image improvement was achieved in all relevant dimensions, sometimes by up to 78%. Consumer acceptance also scored high: About 50% of the participants are more willing to buy the brand.

Malte Friedrich-Freksa, Head of Research, YOC AG, says that follow-up projects are underway: “Our studies will focus on the effects of mobile advertising in a cross-media context.”

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