Zen Internet is Which? Recommended Broadband and Phone Provider

Zen Internet has received Which? Recommended Broadband and Phone Provider for the very first time. It has also maintained its Which? Recommended Broadband Provider status – for the fifteenth consecutive time.

Zen’s Recommended Broadband and Phone Provider status revealed five stars for customer service and four stars for reliability and speed, topping the table with a score of 87% in the Which? customer survey. Its Recommended Broadband Provider status received five stars for reliability and customer service, topping the Broadband table with 85%.

As a relatively late entrant into the phone line market Zen designed its Voice products specifically with broadband users in mind. The standard Home Talk and Business Talk options are ideal for residential and business users respectively that make few or no calls. Zen’s Talk Plus options provide 5000 inclusive land line minutes, which is the same as some other services that describe themselves as “unlimited”. All of Zen’s phone line products use per second billing, no call set-up charge and no minimum call charge to provide great value for calls.

With Broadband and Calls available from £24.50 per month and line rental only starting at £11.22, there has never been a better time to experience Zen’s award winning Broadband and Phone services. To celebrate the awards customers of O2, Be Broadband, Sky, Plusnet and TalkTalk and many other providers can switch free* to Zen making it easier than ever to experience Zen’s award winning products and customer service.

Zen has been rated highly by its customers in the Which? Survey for the last nine years, making its Recommended Broadband Provider status its fifteenth Which? endorsement.

‘Streets ahead of the rest, Zen truly deserves its Recommended Provider status. Zen has been among our top broadband performers since 2005, and more recently started to provide a home phone option too – clearly these customers are just as happy,’ said Which?

Which? Members responded to its latest survey, rating their provider for overall satisfaction and the likelihood that they’d recommend it to a friend, as well as for customer service and value for money.

‘The broadband market place has become ever more competitive and is increasingly dominated by glitzy marketing and ever lower prices from our much larger competitors. At Zen we have stuck by our core values and remained focused on providing great performing broadband products backed by excellent customer service – the combination of these delivers real value for our customers. We stayed with exactly the same philosophy when we entered the phone line market because we knew it was the best approach for our customers and supported our mission “to provide the best ISP service in the UK,’ said Andrew Saunders, Head of Product Management and Marketing.

‘On behalf of all our dedicated, hardworking and highly knowledgeable colleagues at Zen, who deliver and support our broadband and phone line products. I would like to say to our customers thank you for choosing and recommending Zen. It is very rewarding for all of us at Zen to receive Which? Recommended Broadband Provider fifteen times in a row plus the new Which? Recommended Broadband and Phone Provider – there is no better endorsement than this,’ added Andrew.

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