Zen Internet launches Managed Cloud Servers

ISP Zen Internet has launched Managed Cloud Servers, offering businesses of all sizes the opportunity to benefit from cloud-based technology, to work more efficiently and reduce IT costs.

Configured around a business’s specific requirements, Zen’s Managed Cloud Server delivers optimised resource for its hosted applications and services. This, say Zen, means businesses are better able to align what they pay for with what they need.

According to figures from virtualisation specialists VMWare, the overall savings of cloud computing can be as high as 50% in capital expenditure, 33% in administration costs and 80% in power and cooling.

Zen says their Managed Cloud Server delivers flexibility and choice, offering scalable options for Internet bandwidth, server memory, CPU and data storage. This means Zen can provide a Cloud Server which is tuned perfectly to a business’s hosted applications. There’s also flexibility and choice at the operating system level too, with options for both Windows and Linux platforms.

Zen’s hosting environment is self-aware and self-healing. If an element of the hosting environment fails, or needs to go into maintenance mode, then it automatically shifts the Cloud Servers to available resources located elsewhere in the resource pool. By protecting against physical host server failure it is able to offer minimum 99.99% availability SLA.

As well as ensuring that a business’s Cloud Server is available, Zen also ensures that a server’s data is fully recoverable too. Data is backed up on a daily basis and retained for a period of 28 days. In the unlikely event that a server needs rebuilding then Zen can do it quickly and comprehensively.

Zen complete their Managed Cloud Server service by providing operating system support, service monitoring, full data back-up (retained for 28 days) and 24/7 UK based telephone support.

‘We are delighted to be able to provide this new Managed Cloud Server product. The Managed Cloud Server delivers an unprecedented level of flexibility and choice, whilst being backed up with our award-winning network, service and support. We are committed to expanding our hosting portfolio to meet our customers’ requirements and are continually investing in other hosting products and services’, said Andrew Saunders, Head of Product Management and Marketing.

Moving applications and services into the Cloud places additional demands on networks and connectivity solutions. With a cloud-based service, success depends on the reliability and quality of the connection from the business premises or user to the Cloud service. For organisations deploying Cloud based solutions it is essential that they work with a good, reliable network services provider, so that customers can ensure that their network is ready for the demands of Cloud-based applications.

Superfast Fibre broadband is the key enabling technology for Cloud computing. Zen’s Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) fibre-optic broadband is already bringing superfast “up to 40Mbps” broadband to many of its customers, enabling a wider range of organisations to benefit from bandwidth-intensive, IP-based applications.
“We see superfast Fibre broadband as the key enabling technology for a whole range of business internet services such as e-commerce, Cloud Computing, video-conferencing, VoIP and remote working in order to make UK business more productive while minimising costs. Working with a good, reliable network services provider ensures that a business’s network is ready for the demands of Cloud-based applications, and optimises the user experience”, added Saunders.

Zen is also one of a select few ISPs chosen by BT to run early trials of Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) technology, which is expected to deliver even faster download speeds of “up to 100Mbps” by connecting fibre optic broadband directly into homes or office premises.

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