Zen Picks Strategic Imperatives for Billing

Zen Internet has embarked on its cloud billing journey with Strategic Imperatives.

Commenting on the decision, Chris Platt, Head of Systems, Zen Internet said: “From a technology perspective Elevate stands head and shoulders above its competitors, but it’s the business benefits the implementation provides that really make a difference in our day to day activity.”

Platt commented, “Elevate’s impact on Zen was immediate. Its SaaS nature meant that a pre-configured version of the service was up and running very quickly and we were able to process the first live bill run within days. We performed penetration and vulnerability testing on Elevate and it passed with flying colours. Additionally, the system is so intuitive and user-friendly we were able to roll it out to staff with minimal training.”

SI Head of Business Development Tim Sayer said: “We designed Elevate around our clients’ need for a completely fresh approach to billing. We used our experience of turning complex requirements into intuitive solutions and designed a system from the ground up. Now, the moment it’s needed, whenever they need it, the power and capability enjoyed by the world’s largest enterprises is theirs.

“Working with Zen has revealed Elevate’s true capacity and scalability. Billing systems are usually slow and cumbersome especially when it comes to bill runs or tariff changes but Elevate responds instantaneously to Zen’s demands. Plus, our two-factor authentication and finance industry-level encryption ensures total security for them and their customers. Zen can now plot their commercial roadmap using Elevate’s time-based capability enabling them to plan, deploy and test future propositions in real time. We think it’s an exceptional solution fit for a constantly changing market.”

Platt is delighted with the new SaaS system: “Billing is a strategic service which our business depends upon. In the past twenty years Zen has grown from a small-scale start-up to a highly responsive CP with more than 400 staff and we have no plans to stop there. Strategic Imperatives’ approach and industry experience makes them the ideal billing partner for us. Their attention to detail is obvious and Elevate’s rich features combined with exceptional usability and scalability gives us the confidence the system will grow and adapt to the demands of the market as we do. Zen prides itself on empowering customers to reach their full business potential, and that’s exactly what SI and Elevate do for us.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine