Zunicore GPU hybrid cloud offers virtualisation and network

Zunicore, the cloud division of PEER 1 Hosting, today announces it is developing a GPU hybrid cloud solution to offer businesses the combined benefits of deploying physical hardware seamlessly alongside virtual servers via secured network hardware.

Zunicore’s physical GPU servers will provide a high-performance, flexible and cost-effective solution by developing a fusion of physical GPU hardware and wholly owned network hardware. It allows the GPUs to run at full speed, is cluster-capable and removes dependencies on third-party stacks.

Users can provision their GPUs in less than 15 minutes. Billing is on-demand, fully automated and charged hourly or monthly.

Greg Rusu, General Manager of Zunicore, said: “Businesses with intense graphics processing requirements should be able to enjoy the best of what virtualisation and physical hardware can offer over seamless secured networks. With Zunicore’s hybrid solution we are fully focused on maximising performance while keeping down costs.”

Key features:

Ready to use in 15 minutes
On demand, fully automated hourly billing
nVidia GPUs at full speed
Physical servers
Dual Xeon CPUs
32MB RAM minimum
400GB local storage
1Gb Public and Private network
Easy 10Gb+ interconnect
Fully-secured network
Seamless Hybrid
VMs + Physical Servers
Up to 50 servers, extendable to 200
Over 400 G-Flops
Physical GPU

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