Zyxel Helps Smaller ISPs To Compete at a Local Level

Zyxel Communications has announced the launch of a new range of DSL modules for low port density deployments as well as what they say is the UK’s first fully managed SHDSL router. The solution allows ISPs to cost effectively deploy local loop unbundling, especially for less densely populated areas, allowing them to beat the competition for local network provisioning. The combined managed solution supports the new SHDSL.bis standard, offering speeds of up to 8 Mbs – twice as fast as a traditional SDSL router and currently unique to Zyxel.

“Service providers in the UK are continually being challenged to deliver more and more services to businesses,” said Jon Pearce, product manager, Zyxel. “We have seen the migration from dial-up to ISDN to leased line technology and xDSL grow rapidly over the past few years. There are currently around 300 different ISPs in the UK, so the pressure for providers to differentiate themselves is more intense than ever before. The new products, utilising SHDSL.bis, will help ISPs provide superfast SDSL speeds cost-effectively in the challenging low density exchanges, enabling them to extend their coverage percentage and thus stand out from the crowd.”

With more and more companies realising the cost savings of VoIP, the productivity benefits of IP videoconferencing and IP mobility solutions, adoption of these types of services looks set to soar. Whereas previously ISPs had to deploy a DSLAM with at least 48 port line cards per xDSL technology, it is now economically viable to install a solution which scales from as low as 12 ports for ADSL2+ and 16 ports for SHDSL.bis, while offering a fully managed application with real quality of service for smaller numbers of businesses or residential users.

Zyxel’s new P-793H SHDSL.bis router supports data transmission of up to 8 Mbs and uses media bandwidth management to guarantee quality of service for voice and data prioritisation, enabling businesses to segment the information flow of data for critical applications. This means businesses can increase their productivity and efficiency in daily operations by tailoring bandwidth allocation to specific demands such as VoIP, video streaming, video-conferencing or business critical applications. The new SHSDL.bis standard achieves a synchronous speed of 8Mbs by bonding together multiple SHDSL lines, allowing companies to upload and download data faster than ever before.

“These products are aimed at making bandwidth delivery more cost-effective and flexible,” said Jon Pearce, product manager, Zyxel “They are specifically aimed at allowing new and existing ISPs to compete with the larger ISPs by targeting the local sector and extending their customer base.”

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