IMPDA on Skype, Ofcom and Dispatches

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It was said in this column that we thought that there was more than meets the eye with the goings on with Unique Distribution, now 3 Network according to reports have dumped Unique.  In addition to which loyal staff...

that carried on now has to basically fight to get their pay, it now seems that Unique are ripe for take over but then again who would want it.

As we all know the global program Skype is used worldwide and now a beta version for global use is in the offering.  Already there are Skype enabled handsets especially on 3 Network, but the question is will Skype increase its technology to cope with what could be a dramatic boost in Skype calls.

For anyone who has Skype on their PC they will know that currently 10,336,819 people are online at any given time, with mobiles now coming in will their infrastructure take all those extra calls, in fact what plans do Skype have to enhance the systems to cope with the potential traffic?

With the launch of the Ofcoms new General Condition things in the industry should certainly improve, and we have already noticed that some sites like E2save which failed to abide by the voluntary code for the last 7 odd months are now starting to comply, this can only benefit the consumer who will at last have proper information in order to comply with cashback requirements.  The General Condition will also benefit the dealers, because as consumer confidence grows knowing that Ofcom are keeping an eye on dealers and operators then we should see a re build of the trust that has been lost over the years.  The code have been welcomed by dealers who with the IMPDA gave a voice for the first time in the UK and many dealers are now hoping that with Ofcom a more level playing field will emerge as everyone will have to conform to the code or risk losing the ability to sell and connect to Mobile Network Operators.

The dispatches program on mobiles was an eye opener for many, but it did not do the networks any favours in their reputation, when it seems that they did not want to comment or talk to a reporter on issues, especially when it’s the customer that pays their wages and gives them their profits.  Only T-Mobile gave a reply, which at least showed that they would respond.  But what of the other networks, the reported attempting to ask questions got fobbed off, and no others made a comment.  This was a bad show by the networks, which should at least have the decency to respond if only to put their point of view.  The reaction by the networks will not now endear them to the consumer, and the consumer may wish to deal in future direct with the independents rather than the network directly, so in one respect they may have done us all a favour.

The IMPDA will again be talking to Ofcom on other issues shortly, which will go further still to change the way the industry operates, and of course it’s the dealers who will have a voice again in decision making.

It is now more than ever important for all mobile phone retailers to step up and join the IMPDA which of course is still free membership, to enable us to hear their views and comments, and for them to their say in the changing face of our industry.