Leading the way in hybrid communications

Unified Comms
MyPhones really has got it all sewn up when it comes to leading the way in hybrid communications with their seamless Microsoft Teams integration delivering benefits for the user, IT support teams and company finances.

The hybrid workplace is reshaping communication strategies as the need to keep employees engaged, committed and connected becomes ever more critical.  A hybrid workplace supports office, home and remote workers delivering the technology they need to communicate effectively and efficiently. Environments that were traditionally built on the basis of being in a central location must now accommodate remote workers which is driving the need for telephony and software communication tools that work seamlessly together.

MyPhones slick integration with Microsoft Teams delivers on this need. Users can benefit from all the features of advanced telephony while integrating with their Microsoft Teams environment for meetings and chat.  What is clear is that not all users want to work the same way, some preferring to use mobile applications or desktop software and others preferring a handset on the desk.  The flexibility of the MyPhones / Microsoft Teams hybrid solution enables this and simplifies administration with users and directories managed as a single central function.

Some of the most popular features of a hybrid solution are those that enable video conferencing, screen sharing, call handling such as park calls for easy transfer, individual no answer failover and being able to turn the whole system to night service from a single button, at the end of the day.

Management of call routing, hunt groups and queues remain the home of telephony, as does the call reporting and analysis delivered by MyPhones Insights comprehensive call reporting suite, which provides call statistics and essential management information out of the box, across both platforms.

With extensive handset compatibility from leading vendors, the integration also gives businesses a wide choice of handsets from the most basic through to executive style and conference phones. Not only catering for individual user preferences but also covering communication requirements in those essential common areas such as corridors, canteens and reception areas, which are still prevalent in many businesses.

The hybrid nature of the MyPhones integration with Microsoft Teams enables business to provide an à la carte menu of licences and hardware that can be mixed and matched to meet individual needs, eases management across a distributed workplace and maintains lower costs.

Workplaces depend more than ever on robust and reliable communications. Mitigating risk of failure is paramount to any investment especially in the purchase of software or communications platforms and all too often we have seen the detrimental effect of major software service outages that are often perceived to be beyond such risk.  With MyPhones’ long history of sustained reliability and extensive resilience, maintaining the connection to the telephony network not only protects your numbers but also reduces risk of losing communications by providing an additional layer of resilience, so should the Teams environment become unavailable your telephony will still work.

Hybrid working environments are not just the future, they are the here and now, enabling staff to work from office and remote locations on devices of their choice.  Staff don’t want to be bound to a laptop or handset but do still want to be contactable when out and about. They want the flexibility and freedom of choice over their devices and locations and MyPhones can give them all of it with their hybrid communications solution.

A hybrid work environment is all about delivering the best features of pedigree products that enrich the user experience and improve productivity, through simplified working practices.

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