O2 Hatches the Cocoon

2 min read Networks & Network Services
The O2 Cocoon is the latest O2 handset developed specifically for the style-led consumer, combining a smart, chic design with a number of unique features.
A product of extensive consumer research and drawn from customer insight, the O2 Cocoon packs a range of eye and ear-catching features – such as the capacity to store 500 high sound quality songs using the 2GB internal memory and an additional 500 songs using a 2GB micro SD card.

It also includes a never before seen LED display – in a unique and sleek white clamshell design. A key feature that consumers rated high in testing is the blue LED display which can be programmed to show time, ‘now playing’ information, caller ID and also displays the beginning of text messages as they arrive in the users inbox.

Sally Cowdry, O2 Marketing Director, said: “The introduction of the new O2 Cocoon phone is an exciting development for our customers and a big step forward for O2 branded devices. It’s fresh and different, yet simple to use and packed with features.”

“Extensive customer research has helped us develop a stylish and functional mobile device that will enable our customers to engage, explore and be inspired by doing all the normal things on their mobile, plus listening to their favourite tracks,” she said.

The O2 Cocoon music player is compatible with a wide range of file formats, enabling users to simply drag and drop their music collections onto their device and start listening. With 2GB of in-built flash memory, and the opportunity to add a further 2GB on MicroSD, the O2 Cocoon can hold a massive music library with up to one thousand high sound quality tracks.

Thanks to two powerful stereo speakers, the O2 Cocoon’s sound quality is breathtakingly crisp and clear, no matter whether you listen through the device’s 3.5 mm stereo jack headphones or the O2 Cocoon’s Nest, its docking station. You can also use the Stereo Bluetooth output to connect wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled speakers or headphones.

The O2 Cocoon’s music prowess extends beyond the user’s own music collection with FM radio with RDS functionality (displayed on the LED screen) for endless listening options.

The O2 Cocoon’s music credentials also extend to an innovative ‘location aware’ feature enabling the handset to take on a new life when users enter The O2. Upon entering the venue, the O2 Cocoon will undertake a transformation with the wallpaper adapting to welcome users to The O2. In addition, O2 Cocoon users will be provided with a venue map, hints and tips as well as the latest news direct from The O2.

The O2 Cocoon boasts a standby time of up to 350 hours,a talk time of up to five hours and up to 15 hours music playback time. It has an intuitive colour battery notification display on the outer shell to let the user know when the battery is nearly drained. The O2 Cocoon also comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.