Accelerating CX projects

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Avaya outlines how Bayview took a proactive approach to CX.

Customer service BPO, Bayview Technologies, takes a proactive approach to CX, aiming to identify and then solve any issues before they become a reason for customers to request support.

Nigel Mansfield, contact centre strategic lead at Bayview Technologies, explains that the company’s goal is to make sure customers “don’t need to ruin their day by contacting customer services in the first place.”

AI and data insights

So how does Bayview achieve this? The key was to use Avaya Experience Platform to enable digital channels and then combine the data from those channels with the company’s inbuilt, in-house AI solution. This provides Bayview with actionable insights into what has caused breaks in the customer journey leading to customer contact requesting help.

Real time resolution

All the analysis happens in real time. “Big data tells us everything that the customers are doing, so I don’t need to wait for them to contact me. I can anticipate the problem and send a message saying that it’s been seen and is being resolved,” explains Mansfield.

Once a problem is diagnosed, it can be fixed and the need for a call mitigated, reducing the overall number of calls to customer service agents. In this way, Bayview is proactively resolving issues for 82 percent of its customers who experience a problem but choose not to call in to the contact centre to report it, as opposed to the 18 percent who seek support out of frustration that their customer journey has not run smoothly.

Automated solutions

Bayview customers can also make contact via a number of automated solutions, including voice bots in three languages and chatbots in seven languages.

In fact, 75 percent of Bayview customer contacts are now handled by Bayview’s bot infrastructure, which is capable of producing answers in approximately one and a half minutes and, according to Mansfield, has a 73 percent first contact resolution rate.

This has changed the way Bayview interacts with its customers, although any customer queries are still escalated to the relevant internal department for resolution if needed.

Generative AI

Bayview has also found that generative AI is helping it to accelerate CX projects. One project, for example, was anticipated to take eight months but actually took only eight weeks.

“You can significantly reduce the time it takes you to get to where you want, and you can do that with a much greater level of accuracy. The ability of AI to take us where we need to get to much quicker is very exciting,” says Mansfield.