Managing complex monetisation strategies

Harry McKeever, managing director, Tekton Billing, talks to Comms Business about how channel companies can work with their billing provider to support customer satisfaction and sustainable growth.

Comms Business (CB): MSPs and resellers have many considerations when selecting a billing provider. What should they prioritise?

Harry McKeever (HM): To stay relevant with an evolving channel, resellers have expanded their portfolio beyond simple lines and calls. Today it’s common for a channel reseller to offer UC, connectivity, IT subscriptions, cloud, support, hardware and more as a one-stop-shop. But the convenience of a one-stop-shop is only as good as that providers ability to bill it all on a single invoice.

Whilst some business software – such as CRM, PSA systems, or accounting platforms – may be able to generate a basic invoice for some of these services, it’s rare that any one platform can bill all services together. Rarer still is the ability to offer the same value add features of a dedicated billing solution.

A future-proofed choice in billing solution would be one that is agnostic of both billed product types and wholesale suppliers. A good billing platform should have the appropriate foundations to support to support any conceivable as-a-service or metered usage billing model.

CB: What trends are shaping billing and monetisation solutions in the Channel?

HM: Self-service platforms have emerged as a game-changer, fundamentally altering customer interactions. The expectation for real-time insights into usage and spending can be the difference between winning and losing a tender – leaving some resellers with legacy billing systems out of the running.

This trend underscores the importance of billing platforms that offer predictive analytics, tailored insights, proactive alerting and self-service estate management. Those features can help create a deeper connection between resellers and their clientele.

Additionally, the integration of IoT and the proliferation of business mobile use have intensified the demand for billing software that can effectively manage and optimise complex monetisation strategies. The ability to dynamically adjust billing rules based on usage patterns has become imperative.

CB: How can channel companies work with their billing provider to enhance their overall value proposition?

HM: When selecting a billing vendor, channel companies should consider a range of complimentary features that enhance the overall value proposition.

A fully branded self-service customer portal is not just about aesthetics. It’s a gateway to a personalised user experience. It reinforces brand perception and customer loyalty while providing a seamless platform for managing services and payments.

Real-time reporting and comprehensive trend analysis are add-ons that extend beyond traditional billing functions. These features empower channel companies with actionable insights, enabling them to make informed decisions that optimise revenue streams and operational strategies.

Leveraging these features represents a proactive approach to meeting customer demands, enhancing operational efficiency, and differentiating in a competitive market.

In essence, these are not merely options. They are strategic investments that position channel companies for sustainable growth and customer-centric excellence.

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