Using cloud technology to help specialist industry needs

Alex Finn, global account manager, Evolve IP, talks to Comms Business about how the company supports verticals with cloud technologies and shines a light on health and social care and how CCaaS can enhance services in an ever-changing landscape.

Comms Business (CB): What trends in health and social care are driving change for channel partners selling into this sector?

Alex Finn (AF): “We’re seeing health and social care boards introducing frameworks across their digital cloud systems to find economies of scale, whilst addressing the needs of each surgery.

“Post pandemic there’s a huge need and pressure to drive down call queues and minimise patient complaints. Wait times can be anywhere between 30-60 mins. There’s a big opportunity for the channel here to help improve service levels and reduce appointment backlogs to ensure a more streamlined and efficient overall service and increase capacity.

“A lack of remote working capability is another problem with an inability to link multiple sites and surgeries. Remote collaboration is often disjointed and disparate across the same organisation.

CB: Which technologies are most in demand?

AF: “Cloud-based technologies have a big role to play in addressing many of the core issues the health sector is currently facing. CCaaS and UCaaS are two of the most effective ways forward and are being widely adopted. Integration with clinical systems is paramount too across the three main healthcare platforms to boost productivity.

CB: What do resellers and MSPs need to prioritise to serve the evolving needs of this sector?

AF: “Identifying pain points of individual surgeries and larger practices is the first objective. During the pandemic remote communication was the safest way for patients to be assessed and gain advice. This is still accelerating with more video calls and telephone appointments to ensure less footfall is going through a surgery. CCaaS technology comes into its own here.

CB: Are there any key challenges being seen in the market?

AF: “The core challenge is managing day-to-day demand and choosing the most appropriate collaboration integration tools to boost efficiencies and maintain standards and overall patient care.

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