Lockdown Update

In the latest Channel Insider Podcast David Dungay was joined by John Haw, MD of Fidelity Energy, Paul Gibbs, Sales Director at MyPhones and Andrew Dickinson, CEO of Jola to talk about their views on the lockdown measures we have seen implemented in the UK.

The guests cover a lot of ground within the episode ranging from what they are seeing at a partner level and some of the challenges they are facing after what has been an exceptionally busy few months for some.

Andrew Dickinson spoke about some of the risk exposure he is seeing in the Channel, particularly around Ethernet contracts which partners are still liable for in the event of a customer going into administration. Dickinson highlights a few that have taken steps to try and protect channel customers but feels the biggest difference to the market can be made at carrier level.

John Haw talks about the success he is seeing in the energy markets after global prices have hit an 18 year low. As companies shut down, or go remote, many are taking the chance to do a bit of business housekeeping. Sorting out energy contract renewals is clearly something that businesses are taking the time to do which has contributed to a recent surge at Fidelity Energy. Within the episode Haw references the below graph to illustrate the impact of low prices on the Partner Channel.