AudPro offers 50% reduction to minimum message orders for companies affected by Covid-19

Wholesale audio marketing provider AudPro has cut the cost of its minimum order by half in a bid to help companies suffering as a result of coronavirus.

The move comes as demand for the service has risen to record levels with more and more firms opting for the company’s on-hold marketing solution.

Also, the uptake among resellers has increased with many considering Music-on-Hold as a genuine necessity for their customers that can double-up as a unique campaign for sales forces to work on remotely while the crisis continues.

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“Government restrictions have meant whole teams are being asked to work from home, leaving offices unstaffed. In many cases, businesses did not have the opportunity to leave properly recorded advice messages for customers.” said AudPro Director, Andrew Jones.

“During this unprecedented time of change and uncertainty, communication and clarity are key. Whatever situation you find your business is in - operating as normal, with home-workers or fewer staff, or even in limbo until further notice from the government - advising your customers is of paramount importance,” he added.

“I don’t think any of us expected this situation to snowball as it has. But now we are in it for the long-haul, companies need to make sure that any customers contacting them by phone get the help they need. Poor service now could cause commercial damage in the future.”

AudPro offer a fully on-line proposition, with customers able to sign up for accounts and order services, including music and bespoke recorded voice messages, via a web portal. AudPro also strive to record messages with its network of professional recording artists, within two days; even while the Covid crisis continues.