Businesses failing to provide employees with appropriate technology

New research from TDM Group, a managed IT services provider, has revealed that most businesses are not getting the right IT support or advice to provide employees with the technology they need.

The research was conducted by TDM Group across 152 C-level business leaders and 155 employees from UK-based organisations with 250-500 employees. Over a third of employees said their employer’s response to implementing new technology took between 7 and 10 months.

Tarek Meliti, CEO of TDM Group, explained, “The right IT solutions can ensure a company’s goals for hybrid working are integrated into business systems, leaving them well-placed to grow – and absorb any black swan events in the future.

“The research shows that vendors aren’t always responding quickly enough to change, identifying business weaknesses or implementing new technologies that help the business adapt and grow.”

According to the survey, a quarter of employees said there hadn’t been any new technology introduced in the last year or were unaware if it had. Meliti added, “Employees are a business’s most important asset, so senior decision-makers must empower them to do their job properly by providing them with the right tools and solutions. Technology can also be harnessed to provide a comprehensive customer service experience – leading to long-term loyalty and higher revenues.”