CityFibre passes 3m premises

CityFibre has announced it has passed 3 million premises as it continues its full fibre network rollout.

The company is targeting a footprint of a third of the UK and passed 2 million premises in September 2022. CityFibre added that it is on course to deliver a million ready for service premises to ISPs by the end of this year.

Greg Mesch, chief executive officer, CityFibre, said, “We have made phenomenal progress this year, matching our performance from last year, and we on track to deliver another million ready for service homes to customers this year.

“With an infrastructure project of this size, we have successfully adapted as the market has changed and will continue to fine-tune our rollout in order to meet our targets moving forward. I’m delighted that thanks to our investment, 3m homes now have access to world class digital infrastructure and we look forward to connecting many more as our rollout progresses.”

CityFibre began the construction of its access network in 2018, with primary build complete in multiple locations including Milton Keynes, Stirling, Peterborough and Coventry. In its most mature locations, such as Milton Keynes, ISP partners are approaching 30 per cent take-up with other locations on a similar trajectory.

Earlier this year CityFibre secured four Project Gigabit contract awards, totalling £387 million in government subsidies to reach 262,000 premises. Within its existing home build programme, CityFibre will also complement its Project Gigabit rollouts in the four counties with expansion to an additional 453,000 premises.