Consumer appetite for mobile marketing outstrips ability of brands to exploit

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Research finds 55 per cent of consumers willing to opt-in to mobile marketin from trusted brands

Research into UK consumers has revealed that 45 per cent of consumers are willing to accept branded communications via the mobile channel if delivered according to their opt-in terms – a figure that rises to 55 per cent if the company is perceived as a ‘trusted’ brand. The research, commissioned by Velti, found that a UK consumer will sign up to receive communications from on average just three companies, making first-mover advantage critically important for brands hoping to exploit this lucrative mobile marketing channel.

Designed to help brands successfully engage consumers through the mobile channel, the research findings highlight the need for brands to innovate in order to satisfy the current consumer appetite for receiving marketing information via the mobile channel in the form of mobile messaging, email, social media and apps. Key findings of the research include:

45 per cent of respondents would accept branded mobile communications if delivered according to their opt-in terms – a figure that rises to 55 per cent if the company is perceived as a ‘trusted’ brand

One in four UK consumers (24.5 per cent) would like to receive branded communications at anytime (weekday or weekend, morning or afternoon)

36.9% of consumers prefer to receive messaging on a mobile device (SMS – 24.3%, MMS – 5.1% and mobile optimised email – 7.5%) whilst 78.3% prefer email. Emails are increasingly being opened however on a mobile device (in excess of 20% and growing rapidly), suggesting it is vital that these brand communications connect the end consumer through to a fully mobilised experience.

Barry Houlihan, GM, Velti said, “The research we’ve carried out challenges perceived mobile marketing thinking and puts consumer demand for marketing ahead of supply. In fact, UK consumers are far more open to branded communications than many companies believe – provided their delivery preferences and opt-in choices are respected and the brand earns the all-important trust of the consumer. The mobile channel is increasingly central to any branded communications strategy given its real-time results and relevance across multiple delivery formats - it is clear that the time is now for brands to innovate and explore the business benefit it brings.”

With immediate opportunities for MNO’s, retailers, financial services and travel businesses in particular, the research highlights a number of key mobile marketing considerations including the importance of building consumer trust, communication with the right frequency and the need to ensure maximum reach across different types of devices.

The research was conducted by mobileSQUARED on behalf of Velti and polled 3,000 UK consumers about their attitude to mobile marketing formats.