MLL Telecom adds Sophos to portfolio

MLL Telecom has announced the onboarding of Sophos endpoint protection tools to its Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service for public sector organisations.

As part of the onboarding process MLL’s cybersecurity architects have recently completed Sophos training and certification for Sophos Central Endpoint Protection and the Sophos Next Generation Firewall solution that brings synchronised security and multi-source data lake telemetry to the human-led SOC service.

MLL said Sophos’s Intercept X endpoint solutions such as XDR (Extended Detection and Response) are key to its new subscription-based cybersecurity-as-a-service offerings.

The company’s monthly subscription service offers customers threat detection, alerting and neutralisation through continuous analysis of the meta data traversing customer estates including wide area and local area networks, public and private cloud configurations, firewalls, servers and endpoints.

MLL is also deploying Sophos Intercept X tools for the provision of advanced ransomware protection, including the use of AI-based deep learning for predicting and disrupting entire attack chains.

Ray Burke, senior cybersecurity solutions architect, MLL Telecom (pictured), explained, “The combination of proven endpoint security tools such as Sophos Intercept X and our 24/7 holistic approach to endpoint detection and response gives public sector customers the peace of mind they need.

“We can detect more cyberthreats than security tools can identify on their own, act within minutes to stop threats from causing disruption, and identify the root cause of threats to prevent future incidents, in turn reducing the attack surface of existing and future public sector clientele.

“Our MDR service will also improve cyber insurance eligibility and result in more competitive premiums for organisations facing hiked policy pricing and reduced coverage, as we are seeing in industry.”