New 8x8 platform enhancements

8x8 has announced it has made customer and employee experience enhancements to the 8x8 XCaaS cloud platform.

The updates include improvements to 8x8 Supervisor Workspace, contact centre analytics tools, agent performance tracking capabilities, and streamlined customer journey mapping.

The 8x8 XCaaS platform Global Reach capabilities have also been extended and will include the addition of South Korea. 8x8 now offers full cloud PSTN support for multinational organisations with users in 59 countries around the world, offering local direct numbers, toll free numbers, and calling plans in addition to support for local emergency services.

Hunter Middleton, chief product officer, 8x8, explained, “Regardless of where you’re located in the world or which department you sit in within an organisation, having technology that enables consistent experiences is a must.

“We provide the solutions that organisations need to provide seamless, tailored experiences for their customers and employees. Our continued focus on innovation and advancing the 8x8 XCaaS platform demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with the resources and tools they need.”

New generally available updates for 8x8 Contact Center include purpose-built experiences, a single pane of glass view that consolidates visibility and insights, embedded trend analysis, personalised environments, and deeper integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365.