Pennine Telecom Named as Plantronics’ Reseller of the Year

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Pennine Telecom, of Bury, went soaring into the stratosphere at the National Space Centre in Leicester when the company was named as Plantronics’ Reseller of the Year.

The award was presented to Gary Booth, Pennine’s Internal Sales Team Leader, when he attended Plantronics’ UK Partner Conference.

The venue was appropriate for the world’s leading manufacturer of headsets, which is proud that the famous ‘Giant Leap’ statement by Neil Armstrong, as he stepped on to the Moon, was transmitted over one of its appliances.

“It was a super occasion, and to be named as Reseller of the Year in face of heavy competition from the cream of resellers in the UK was a terrific boost,” said Gary.

The Plantronics Reseller of the Year is an award given to a company that shows integrity, respect, honesty and growth in their business with Plantronics.

“Pennine Telecom,” says Plantronics, “has proved over the year to grow, run great campaigns, champion wireless office and continue to give 100% in its work.”

Gary puts Pennine’s success down to its wide range of product expertise, which gives it a definite edge over many of its competitors. It deals not only with telephones but also with mobile communications, including radio and, of course, headsets.

“Headsets are becoming more and more mainstream,” he said. “What makes us unique is that we understand radio and Bluetooth technology and can offer companies a total solution to their communication needs.

“The new Plantronics wireless range of headsets has excited our customers.

“With the growth of call centre working and smarter business practices, the flexibility of movement for operating staff is essential. Our customers are so pleased with the product we have had numerous repeat orders.”

This latest award follows the accolade announced by Plantronics in March when it named Pennine Telecom as its fastest growing reseller.

Karen Nash, the company’s Northern Account Manager, said at the time: “Pennine Telecom has excelled amongst our resellers and we have used both the company’s marketing and customer service methods as examples of how our products should be promoted.”