Splicecom Partners with Macfarlane for Omni-Channel Contact Centre

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Splicecom has joined forces with Macfarlane, a pioneer in Conversation Management technology, to deliver a ground-breaking suite of omni-channel Customer Experience solutions.

“Positive Customer Experience can have a huge impact on consumer behaviour. 70% of consumers state that their buying experiences are based on how they feel they are being treated; while 62% say they will switch service providers if they experience poor customer service,” says Robin Hayman, Director of Marketing & Product Management at Splicecom. “By 2020, Customer Experience is predicted to overtake price and product as THE key brand differentiator. As consumers, we now demand quick and relevant answers to our queries, delivered via a variety of devices such as our mobiles, iPads and laptops, and using many different channels: the phone, web, email, SMS and social media”.

“The inability of businesses to cope with this increasingly complex environment has led, in many cases, to frustrated agents, high operational costs and dissatisfied customers,” continues Hayman. “Working in conjunction with Macfarlane, we’ll be helping organisations achieve their customer experience and revenue goals by promoting simplicity, clarity and convenience for both agents and customers.”

“Our expert team of developers, project managers and customer support specialists are dedicated to delivering flexible, robust contact centre solutions,” says William Gray, CEO at Macfarlane. “By partnering with Splicecom, we gain a high-quality voice platform, SelectVoice, to underpin Contact+, as well as instantaneous access to a wider channel to market through Splicecom’s accredited partners.”

Macfarlane’s Contact+ is a powerful, omni-channel contact centre solution that’s been designed from the ground up to integrate multiple channels (voice, web, email, SMS and social media) into a single unified solution that works with mobile, tablet or laptop. Contact+ provides powerful features such as Conversation Management and Business Intelligence Reporting to help contact centres deliver and report on a superior customer experience.

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“William joined us to launch Contact+ to our channel partners during our recent UK roadshows,” explained Stuart Bell, Head of Sales for the UK & Ireland at Splicecom. “Macfarlane’s unique focus on Conversation Management, viewing and managing customer interactions as a single thread spanning multiple channels, was extremely well received by those in our audience who specialise in contact centres, and in particular those who target the public sector. By providing an integrated environment for managing these multiple channels, the combination of SelectVoice & Contact+ delivers a consistent and high level of service. This allows administrators and managers to map the customer journey across all channels and report on the overall customer experience. This measure of customers’ interactions with contact centres is crucial, because in today’s marketplace this is ultimately how they view and rate organisations.”

The final word goes to William Gray. “In our experience, growing revenues, receiving great reviews and keeping customers all starts with delivering great customer experiences. Our partnership with Splicecom and their channel allows us to jointly deliver broad solutions designed to enhance the customer experience and thereby create a competitive advantage for our clients."