Tinder Corporation announces management restructure

Tinder Corporation has announced a number of changes as part of a wider five-year growth plan.

The Chatham Maritime-based solution provider has restructured its senior executive team, led by co-founders Paul Hayes and John Amey. As part of the re-structure, Amey (pictured below) will make a move from his joint CEO role to a more defined chief operating officer (COO) position.

Hayes (pictured above) will remain as sole CEO, driving the strategic direction of the business and steering Tinder towards its goals. As COO, Amey will help to deliver the vision of the business with a focus on challenging performance and profitability, whilst ensuring the standards of excellence are maintained.

The company has historically focused on the supply and support of B2B technology and communications products, as well as providing fibre and copper-based networking solutions to both business and new-build residential markets.

John Amey, COO, said, “I am excited to start my new role as COO, I believe the role taps into the experience I have gained as a delivery specialist over my years in business. Service delivery, quality and customer experience is what drives me and this change in role speaks directly to that.

“The focus on today and this week is what I am built for, which leaves Paul to drive next week and the rest of our lives, focusing on direction and strategy fully, safe in the knowledge that the operational beast is maintaining the engine room whilst Paul is at the ship’s helm.”

Paul Hayes, CEO, added, “I am incredibly proud of what the team has achieved over the last 10-years and am truly excited by the various new paths we are carving out. Tinder has a lot more it can achieve in its story, be sure of that!”

As part of the first phase of its five-year plan, Tinder is expanding its cabling infrastructure division to include Q-MARK/BMTRADA certified Fire Stopping services both within the construction and retrofit environments.

Later stages of its five-year vision will include acquisitive growth across both the cabling and B2B IT sectors, with a focus on cybersecurity and business process automation. Tinder said it welcomes any approaches in this regard from late summer 2023 onwards.