TXO sets sights on further acquisitions

Having made two significant acquisitions in recent months, end-to-end circular telecom network solutions provider TXO is eyeing further deals as it looks to move into new markets.

Phil Miller, M&A director at TXO, told Insider that with the backing of private equity from TowerBrookCapital Partners, the company will pursue future acquisitions.

TXO has been on the acquisition trail in recent months, announcing the takeover of networking decommissioning and engineering services provider Lynx UK in December and German tech-enabled network service provider TEQPORT in January.

Miller told the publication that in the current fragmented global market there are plenty of opportunities to bring like-minded organisations together and make a difference in the circular economy.

He said, “We’re fortunate to have fantastic and committed private equity backing from TowerBrook Capital Partners especially in recent acquisitions like Lynx and German asset recovery specialists TEQPORT. With this support, we’re empowered to pursue opportunities as we look to expand TXO’s global footprint.”

Miller said that TXO’s focus will always be on organic growth alongside M&A.

“It’s not just about acquiring value, but creating value with every acquisition - making TXO and the acquired business more than the sum of their parts,” Miller added. “So, beyond what we add through acquisition, it’s about creating a model where we can export existing TXO plus acquired capabilities to drive growth across the group.”