UK b2b telecoms market worth hits £10 billion a year

New analysis from GlobalData has estimated the UK’s B2B communications market is worth £10 billion a year.

The data and analytics company’s new UK telecoms market challengers report reached the figure based on the UK’s 5.5 million registered private sector businesses, alongside the public and third sectors.

The report also highlights the importance of telecoms challengers when selling to businesses. GlobalData found that the wide range of providers highlighted across the value chain (covering networks to managed services) signifies a dynamic and highly competitive market when selling to businesses.

Robert Pritchard, principal analyst, GlobalData, said, “It is remarkable how much competition there is: from laying fibre in the ground to selling communications solutions to enterprise customers, both directly and through the channel.

“This gives rise to what is probably the most competitive national B2B market in Europe, if not the world.”

The new GlobalData report also pointed to “a once-in-a-generation opportunity” as the UK looks to switch off the PSTN in December 2025. The analyst firm said the churn effect is already having an impact and all service providers are looking to capitalise on this technology revolution.

Pritchard added, “With technology and communications at the heart of every company and organisation, the UK benefits from a very wide choice of suppliers at every level and across most geographies.

“Consolidation between service providers and fragmentation of business models will continue to disrupt the market, but this is a small price to pay for the abundant choices available.”