Creating meaningful customer engagements with AI

Scott Rigdon, technology writer, Vonage, outlines how virtual assistants can optimise your customer service.

Tools for unified communications such as Vonage’s AI Virtual Assistant enable businesses to leverage AI to improve their business processes.

Automating responses and addressing simple tasks through AI can transform the way businesses across all industries connect with their customers, driving cost savings and overall quality of service.

A virtual assistant can do things like facilitate voice-enabled self-service for customers, reduce call wait times, get straightforward queries immediately resolved, and boost customer satisfaction throughout the customer journey without involving a live agent or employee.

By understanding complex voice commands, a virtual assistant can complete a variety of tasks and provide more value and functionality to your customers.

Businesses can create meaningful customer engagements by capturing insights through verbal cues about customers’ interests, questions, or issues, and then take appropriate actions to maintain customer lifetime value.

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